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NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - 2020/09/20: Rise and Resist activist group marched together to demand climate and racial justice. (Photo by Steve Sanchez/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

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In this blog, Green 2.0 Fall Fellow Yosi Zelalem encourages the environmental movement to adopt an anti-racist framework and create messaging that helps bridge historical gaps between communities.

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The “War” on Climate Change Does Not Inspire Confidence or Success

Coming from a tradition of resilience through humor expertly modeled by her family, Jasmine grew up surrounded by wordplay, a love for the environment, and parents that could have been authors. Early on, this piqued her interest in how we talk and, later, how we talk about climate change. In this blog, Jasmine explores the current rhetoric employed when discussing climate change, its history and implications, and alternative approaches we can adopt moving forward.
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How Black Americans Can Reclaim Leadership Within the Environmental Movement

SaAnkhessa Meskheniten is a senior at Trinity Washington University and majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Environmental Justice. To mark the end of her fellowship with Green 2.0, she explores her experience in the environmental field and how Black Americans can reclaim leadership within the movement.
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Green Tech Company Creates New Opportunities for Local Workforce

Bobbie Green is a Communications Specialist for Environmental Defense Fund, an environmental nonprofit that brings together policymakers and business leaders to solve the toughest environmental issues and find solutions that work. In this guest blog post, Bobbie spotlights ChargerHelp!, a Black-owned clean technology company with a mission to revolutionize access to technology solutions that maintain electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. This green tech company is pushing the envelope for clean energy solutions and creating new workforce development opportunities for local communities of color using a tech-based approach.
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The Carter Barron Amphitheater: Community Efforts to Reopen the DC Landmark

The Carter Barron Amphitheater is a cultural landmark in Rock Creek Park that has lain dormant due to deferred maintenance. After overwhelming interest from residents, the National Park Service (NPS) has committed to working towards reopening the amphitheater. In this piece, Rock Creek Conservancy’s (RCC) Tony Richardson discusses how the organization has launched the Carter Barron Alliance, a network of community groups working to support the revitalization of the venue.
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A Q&A with UNDP on International Climate Transparency & Accountability

In this blog Richemond Assie, Transparency Advisor at UNDP, and Eva Huttova, Global Coordinator for GEF Enabling Activities and Capacity Building Initiative for Transparency Portfolio at UNDP, dive into the details surrounding COP27 and their organizations work to support climate transparency and accountability on an international scale.
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