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May 2023

Leaders from U.S. Territories on Environmental Justice and Community Resilience


Tuesday, May 30


4:00 PM - 5:00 PM ET

A long and living history of colonialism in the U.S. territories has created circumstances where those most impacted by climate change and natural disasters have the least say in decision-making about their livelihoods and futures. Destructive federal policies have fractured communities from their rightful access to the resources necessary to address these challenges, but movements to turn this tide have been creating meaningful change. 


Leaders of color in these places are working to create a future that ensures programs and policies are implemented that target climate change and address racial/ethnic, economic, and environmental justice. Join Green 2.0 for a conversation about how these leaders are supporting their communities and how the federal government, foundations, and non-profit organizations can work more effectively with these leaders and communities.


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Contact Juliana Ojeda, Green 2.0 Program Associate, at for questions about the event.



April 27, 2023

Small environmental justice groups are the leaders of the environmental movement. However, they do not receive the resources needed to sustain their organizations and communities. Everyday environmental justice groups led by people of color are fighting environmental hazards and power structures to achieve equity. Listen from leaders of color who are running environmental justice organizations, strengthening their communities, and protecting our environment.


Environmental Grantmakers on Diversity in Philanthropy


March 8, 2023

Funders play a crucial role in elevating people of color in the NGO and philanthropic sectors, and it’s essential that they embrace diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) on the road to environmental and climate justice. Listen from grantmakers about their critical role in equitably transforming the environmental movement from the inside out.


Women of Color Revolutionizing the Energy System with their Careers


January 30, 2023

Join Green 2.0 and Energy Allies to learn from the expertise of women of color leading the clean energy transition. There has been a disconnect between our communities and the governments, organizations and companies that should serve us. We need the voices of historically excluded people to rebuild connections, create accountability, and prioritize accessibility to all our communities.