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Established in 1966, Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation (PCDC) advocates for the growing population of Chinese Americans in Philadelphia, specifically in the Chinatown neighborhood. Like many Chinatown neighborhoods, threats such as gentrification, climate change, lack of public green space, and cultural preservation are challenges PCDC aims to address in its programs and services.

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The conservation movement, from it’s very beginning, has relied on a Eurocentric, paternalistic, and capitalistic worldview that posits that the way to ‘fix’ mankind’s poor stewardship, is with an ill-fated approach of using the same tools for repair as had used in the degradation and destruction of the natural world.  What we need is a ‘new’ way at looking at conservation – and that ‘new’ is actually what Green 2.0 is built to take on – bringing voices of the ‘other’, the old wisdom - embedded in the worldviews of other people and other cultures.

Michael E. Roberts, Tlingit

President & CEO, First Nations Development Institute