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We Believe Lasting Environmental Change Starts With Every Voice Being Heard


An expansive list of experts on environmental and environmental justice issues.

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For the sixth consecutive year, we presents our NGO and Foundation Transparency Report Card. This report provides critical data on the diversity found on the staffs and boards of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and foundations. 


Our first-of-its-kind poll captures how voters of color are moved by issues such as diversity in environmental groups, candidates addressing climate change, how voters see climate change impacting their communities, and much more.


Pay Equity Pledge


The Green 2.0 Pay Equity Pledge is a campaign to increase pay equity for people of color—particularly women of color—in environmental organizations. The pledge asks environmental organizations to take the critical step of reviewing the wages of their staff.

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Because We're Stronger Together

Below is a select list of like-minded partners who share our vision and drive to improve the level of diversity we see across corporations, organizations, and governments.