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We Believe Lasting Environmental Change Starts With Every Voice Being Heard


Our Partners

Because We're Stronger Together

Below is a select list of like-minded partners who share our vision and drive to improve the level of diversity we see across corporations, organizations, and governments.

Transparency Report Cards

There's a huge lack of diversity in leadership within corporations, organizations, and government. Our reports highlight real data and trends to illuminate how big the gaps are so we can create a path forward for change.


The only way to protect the world we live in is to convince young people to join the fight, and we all know younger, more diverse Americans aren’t going to engage with a movement that looks stuck in the past. The lack of awareness we’ve seen recently from some organizations is exactly what Green 2.0 was built to combat, and that work is now more critical than ever. The window of opportunity for Big Green to stay relevant is starting to close, and unless we see some changes, new models that reflect the world we live in are going to take their place.

Congressman Raúl Grijalva

Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee

Featured Partner


Earthjustice believes the most powerful tool for change is the law. As a nonprofit public interest environmental law organization, their work, whether through advocacy, litigation, partnership, awareness, or other mission-critical functions, consistently centers on the people they serve and the communities they protect. Learn how diversity, equity, and inclusion is inextricably linked to Earthjustice's mission to protect the planet and defend the rights of all people for a healthy environment.