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About Us

We're Watchdogs For Inequality In The Environmental sector.

People of color are the most impacted by environmental problems and the least represented in positions of power.


We believe that in the 21st century, the success of environmental causes will be based on our ability to transform them into more just, inclusive, and relevant organizations and movements.


Our History

Launched in 2014 as a working group of thought leaders at the intersection of the environment and race, Green 2.0 commissioned the first report of its kind, “The State of Diversity in Environmental Organizations” authored by University of Michigan professor Dorceta Taylor, and followed up its groundbreaking research with additional initiatives including a GuideStar partnership and tracking of demographic data, reports on executive searches organizational culture, and “3R Forums” focused on helping NGOs implement better policies for readiness, recruitment and retention.


What We Do


Visibility = Accountability

We produce and distribute reports of real organizations. We praise those who welcome diversity with open arms, and apply pressure to those who fall short.


Congressional education

Our Congressional education work shares research and objective information to help members of Congress keep updated on diversity in the environmental movement.


Keep Track & Record

We track the demographics of the largest environmental gatherings, review environmental political campaigns and policies, and publicize our insights in annual reports.


A Voice For Those Who Need One

We spread the narrative of empowering people of color and the importance of equity to produce more effective environmental change plans in public discussions.

Our Staff

Our Board


Green 2.0 is the partner that challenges our sector to be better, holds us accountable and works with us on meaningful solutions for a just and equitable planet.

Janis Searles Jones

CEO of Ocean Conservancy


Join The Movement.

Interested in a career where you can help create long-lasting change for equality and the environment? Check out opportunities to work with us or our partners.