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May 2024

Environmental Workforce Ready: Supporting Young People of Color


Thursday, May 30, 2024


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

In order to build an effective environmental movement, we must have an intersectional approach that includes all communities. As young people of color enter the environmental workforce, it is essential for them to be set up with resources, tools, and programs that will support and empower them. Join Green 2.0 for a discussion with young leaders of color in the movement focused on the tools and resources needed and available for young people of color to enter and thrive in the environmental sector.



Contact Juliana Ojeda, Green 2.0 Program and Operations Manager, at for questions about the event.

June 2024

Upwell: A Wave of Ocean Justice


Tuesday, June 4, 2024


10:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET

The need to pursue environmental justice does not end at the water’s edge. Access to ocean resources and influence in shaping ocean policy has long been inequitable across racial, economic, and generational lines as a result of the legacies of racism, colonialism, and industrialization. At the same time, historically marginalized communities in coastal communities are disproportionately affected by the climate crisis, including rising sea levels and intensifying storms, as well as by pollution, overfishing, loss of habitat and biodiversity, and coastal gentrification.However, across the United States, ocean justice communities are shifting that narrative and building and exerting real power in ocean and climate decision-making, policy development, and management.


This event will prioritize the experiences and voices of historically marginalized communities in ocean conservation discussions. We ask that all attendees be respectful of and intentional about the focus of the symposium.


Upwell is co-hosted by Azul, Center for American Progress, and Urban Ocean Lab. It is supported by the Natural Resources Defense Council, Earthjustice, Green 2.0, and Ocean Defense Initiative. Upwell is made possible by funding from Mosaic, Packard Foundation, Oceankind, Walton Family Foundation, and National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.



March 28, 2024

Affinity groups and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are critical to building a culture of inclusivity and diversity within organizations. It has been demonstrated that the existence of these groups boosts feelings of inclusion and community for employees from marginalized communities and improves attraction and retention of diverse talent. Join Green 2.0 for a conversation with affinity group and ERG leaders about the importance of these groups and how organizational leadership can support them.


February 28, 2024

In 2023, conservative activists seeking to reverse progress that makes our society more equitable, launched an attack on diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ). As we enter 2024, organizations and DEIJ leaders are working diligently to protect this critical work and evaluate how to continue to defend equity and justice for all. Join Green 2.0 for a conversation with leaders working on equity to discuss expectations for 2024 and how we can strengthen our commitment to equity and justice in the face of these challenges.


December 14, 2023

For the seventh consecutive year, Green 2.0 presents data on the diversity of staff and inclusivity practices of non-profit organizations (“NGOs”) and foundations in the environmental sector. The report will include updated data about the racial and ethnic diversity of environmental organizations’ key decision-makers and staff, and contains new indicators of diversity and inclusion including gender identity, gender identity for staff of color, and disability status.