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Green 2.0 Summer Fellow Andres Vivero is owner and founder of LB Glass Pickup, a curbside glass recycling company operating in Northern Virginia. In this blog, Andres discusses the complications of glass recycling and how his business works to increase recycling accessibility within his community and beyond.

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Protected: Going Beyond Making a Difference

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
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Outside in 5 with REI Co-op

Last Month, REI Co-op launched their Outside in 5 initiative with a mission to help get 100 million more people Outside in 5 minutes or less. In this blog, REI Co-op answers questions surrounding the history and implications of the nature gap and how Outside in 5 is working to ensure equal access to outdoor spaces for
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From Instagram to IRL: How Young Environmentalists Can Re-Engage with In-Person Climate Activism 

Empowered by the Columbus climate strike, Kira Jones, a Green 2.0 Summer Fellow and recent graduate of Ohio State University, has developed a passion for diversifying the environmental legal field. But with the rise of digital activism, she has struggled with engaging with in-person environmental activism. In this blog, Kira shares her story with environmental advocacy as a college student and how she would encourage other young environmentalists to build a climate action community.
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The Making of A Water Woman: Maura’s Superhero Origin Story

Maura is a real-life Black woman superhero! While her day-to-day work includes public engagement and communications at the Philadelphia Water Department, she also serves as PWD’s superhero mascot, Water Woman. A proud Philadelphia native, Maura holds a custom degree in Sustainable Product Development from Drexel University and is passionate about advocating for environmental justice and equity in her local community.
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How environmental advocates can utilize – and share – polling

David Gold and Leah Zamesnik operate the Environmental Polling Consortium (EPC), a centralized hub for environmental advocates’ public opinion research needs. By collecting, distributing, and interpreting polling data on climate and environmental issues, the EPC works to make research more accessible and to democratize data across the movement. This blog post highlights how public opinion research can be a tool for environmental advocacy.
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