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In this blog, the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance President & CEO Brian O’Malley discusses recent efforts to pass more climate-friendly transportation legislation in the state.

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Sisterhood Gardens: Where Environmental Justice and Intergenerational Communities Grow Together 

Dr. Chan, garden educator and food justice advocate, talks about the development of a community-based food security project called Sisterhood Gardens, in San Francisco, CA. What started out as a partnership with the city of San Francisco to offer garden plots led to a space for transformational change in our local community and a model for future mixed-use community garden spaces.
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Green Space for Teens: Thrive DC’s Vision for Local Underserved Youth 

Working with the National Park Service, Friends of Anacostia Park (FoAP) turns the challenge of revitalization into an opportunity for community uplift. We connect residents with meaningful, green employment and activate Anacostia Park as a vibrant convening point for all visitors. In this blog, FoAP highlights the history of the park and Thrive DC, an after-school program providing local teens the opportunity to connect with nature and build community.
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The Need for Nuance and Systemic Change in Plant-Based Diet Culture

Green 2.0’s Fall Fellow Michelle Gin dissects White-dominated plant-based diet culture and proposes flexitarianism as a more nuanced diet alternative and ideological framework to affect change at both an individual and systemic level.
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In Canada, Indigenous Leaders Take Mantle of Longtime Boreal Forest Stewardship Effort

Tom Dillon is a senior vice president at The Pew Charitable Trusts, leading the organization’s work on conservation and environment initiatives in the United States and around the world. Valérie Courtois is the executive director for the Indigenous Leadership Initiative, which supports Indigenous Nations in honouring the responsibility to care for lands and waters. She is a member of the Innu community of Mashteuiatsch, located on the shore of Peikuakami, or Lac-St-Jean and lives in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador.
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Beyond 30×30: What the future of conservation should look like

Kat So is a campaign manager in the Energy & Environment Department at the Center for American Progress, a multi-issue policy think tank based in Washington DC. She is also the project coordinator for the Ocean Justice Forum. In this blog she discusses how we should measure conservation success and implement equitable 30x30 policies.
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