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Shane Araujo is a research assistant and the junior editor for the Hot & Cold NYC team at the Energy, Equity, Housing, and Health program (E2H2 at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health) led by Dr. Diana Hernández. In this blog, Shane discusses the importance of social media as a critical tool for uplifting marginalized voices, particularly those who experience energy insecurity in New York City.

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Mobilizing for Environmental Change – How Infrastructure Can Accelerate Progress

Jennifer is a Program Officer for Mosaic, a national grantmaking initiative focused on building a bigger, more influential environmental movement.
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Catch Me Outside with my Dark Skin, Sapphic Gaze, and Feet covered in Soil

In this blog, Green 2.0 Fellow Ki'Ana Speights explores how their identity as a Black, Queer person intersects with the ecological world, and how they work to reclaim their space in nature. They dissect how White-heteronormative binaries were designed to exclude BIPOC people and make them feel othered. Through the lens of queer ecology, they imagine a future where society can accept and reflect the fluidity of nature.
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Embracing Your Heritage Doesn’t Mean You Need To Eat Meat

In this blog, Green 2.0 Fellow Kevin Hernandez discusses the colonization of Mexico and how it streamlined Mexican food becoming meat-centric along with his experience as a vegetarian Mexican-American. He proposes that people try to understand their culture and encourages them to try a plant-based diet.
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The Ethical Echoes of Oppenheimer and Our Climate Crisis: A Call for Collective Responsibility

Through the lens of the award-winning film Oppenheimer, Good Energy Collective's Michael Mouton argues for a reevaluation and departure from the 'great man' narrative. He calls for a collective approach to far-reaching crises and problems — like the climate crisis.
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Breaking Barriers and Empowering Women of Color in Environmental Policy

Marilyn serves as the Public Engagement Director for the House Committee on Natural Resources Democrats. She leads the Committee staff work on all stakeholder engagement on issues that fall under the jurisdiction of the Committee.
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