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This is What I Feel About Anti-Asian Hate Crimes as an Asian Woman

Hazel (Haeseo) Choi was a 2022 Winter Fellow at Green 2.0 and graduated with a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from San José State University. She is passionate about community-driven solutions that meet economic, climate, and racial equity needs for communities of color. To mark the beginning of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Hazel writes about how the rise in Asian hate crimes affects her life and how to stand in solidarity against this injustice.

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AAPI Environmental Leaders on Cultivating a Justice-Focused Movement Social-Media Toolkit

Throughout history, Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities have led movements and delivered solutions on issues including environmental hazards, climate change, and environmental justice. In the face of racism and discrimination, Asian-American and Pacific Islander environmental leaders have mobilized communities into action and created change. Even while the mainstream environmental movement excluded them on decisions that…

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