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Audubon Change in Leadership Opens Door for Opportunity

April 21, 2021


For Immediate Release: April 21, 2021
Contact: Andrés Jimenez,, 773-807-2181

Audubon Change in Leadership Opens Door for Opportunity

Washington, D.C.— The Executive Director of Green 2.0, Andrés Jimenez, issued the following statement after the National Audubon Society CEO stepped down due to charges of “permitting an atmosphere marked by systemic racism, gender discrimination, intimidation and threats.”  Audubon is one of the oldest environmental organizations dedicated to the conservation of birds and their habitats. 

“We need to ensure that environmental organizations foster cultures that are inclusive and do not harm staff of color,” Jimenez said. “Environmental organizations cannot operate with impunity—they’re responsible for the organizational culture that originates with senior leadership and CEO’s. For too long, boards have looked the other way as executive leaders have ignored or directly perpetuated racism and discrimination against staff of color.”

“Audubon and other environmental organizations should see this as an opportunity to make institutional change, which can occur when we hire people of color in senior leadership positions—especially, and most importantly, as CEO’s. It shouldn’t take staff of color advocating for their safety and personal well-being for such change to happen.”

Green 2.0 is a 501(c)3 independent advocacy campaign to increase racial diversity among environmental organizations. Green 2.0 believes in a powerful, winning environmental movement grounded in equity and inclusion. Follow Green 2.0. on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.