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Daniel Gonzalez

AFFILIATION: Yale University

TITLE: Technical Program Manager

LOCATION: Connecticut

LANGUAGE: English, Spanish

EXPERTISE AREA: Climate Change, Energy Policy, Green Jobs/Economy, Hispanic/Latine/a/o Communities, Just Transition, Sustainbility


Who I Am: Hi there! I’m Daniel, a first-gen immigrant born in the Colombian Andes, living in the United States. My life’s journey is in creating a more sustainable planet for future generations, at the intersection of technology, business, and the environment. My past experience lies in environmental career development, climate tech, program/product management, GIS, and corporate sustainability, which I’ve done across the United States, Denmark, and Colombia. My most recent professional experience was as a Technical Program Manager at Google (via Magnit) in their Climate Operations team, focused on Data and Software Climate solutions. We are living in a historic moment for the sustainability field. And while there is work to be done, I can’t help but feel inspired by the millions of people working on climate. Feel free to reach out to chat about career transitions into sustainability, climate tech, or any other part of my story (low income, immigrant, first gen, latine).

My Interests: Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy; Program Management via emerging software technologies; Climate Tech – from climate risk to data analytics to GIS and Excel hacks; Career Pathing & Development, especially in the environment field; Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investing.

Long-term Goals: Help people and businesses find their passion for the environment; Travel to 30 countries by the time I’m 30 (more than halfway there!); Write and publish a book about career development or my immigrant journey; Run a marathon, preferably all at once; Become a Chief Sustainability Officer


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