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Evon Lopez

AFFILIATION: Community Activists

TITLE: The Park People Promatura

LOCATION: Colorado


EXPERTISE AREA: Climate Change, Conservation, DEIJ, Hispanic/Latine/A/O Communities, Pollution, Water


My name is Evon Lopez, and I am a native of Colorado. My family has 200 years of rich culture and history in Denver, CO. I have been married for 42 years to my awesome spouse, and we have 3 well accomplished daughters who all hold numerous degrees. I have three amazing grandchildren, one of which I am fortunate to help raise. As a member of the Equity Working Team, Evon helped craft the Equity Framework for the Regional Equity Assessment.

My work as a community activist and volunteering helps me find collaborative solutions to bring equity to Valverde where I grew up. I also co-founded and led the Valverde Movement Project, a collaborative effort to redesign redlining and reimagine land use planning and infrastructure investments to advance community-rooted health and wealth. VMP is an organizational member of Metro DNA.

I have spent more than 25 years in service to the City and County of Denver, retiring right before the pandemic. During my remarkable career I served as a human resources professional and systems analyst, recognized by colleagues for my deep commitment, compassion, and care for others. I am currently in my 3rd year of studies at Colorado State University Global working towards her BS in Human Resources Management.

I expand on the work of my parents, Fred and Elaine Ulibarri, social activists who advocated for underserved communities during the Chicano movement in Denver and helped people in harm’s way. Through collaboration with diverse stakeholders and organizations, she seeks to develop innovative strategies to increase awareness and opportunities for the Valverde community. This includes working with local government institutions to change the slanted narrative, advancing racial-equity, and sustainability. Evon represented the Valverde Neighborhood as a Steering Committee Member on the West Area Plan of the City of Denver’s Neighborhood Planning Initiative – the first plan in the city to directly acknowledge historic harms of redlining and colonization and to identify strategies to heal harm and regenerate wellbeing for all.

Currently, I work for The Park People part time as a Promatora, trying to bring tree equity to an Urban Heat island.

I identify as Mestiza, which is Spanish, Mexican, and Native American. My identity is deeply rooted in my beloved community Valverde. My mom taught me and all that her parents taught her, and the backbone is our deep faith in God, and prayer is a miracle of community. We also love our land and exist in the Valverde community for over 60 years, as we care deeply for the land and nature.


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