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Xavier Boatright


TITLE: Deputy Legislative Director, Clean Energy and Electrification

LOCATION: Washington D.C.

LANGUAGE: English, Spanish

EXPERTISE AREA: Agriculture Policy, Black/African-American Communities, Climate Change, Conservation, DEIJ, Energy Policy, Environmental Education, Environmental Health, Environmental Justice, Environmental Racism, Green Jobs/Economy, Housing, Just Transition, Land Justice, Natural Disasters And Response, Ocean Justice, Outdoors/Recreation, Pollution, Sustainability, Transportation & Infrastructure, Water, Youth


Xavier Boatright is a distinguished environmental activist, former public school teacher, and professional athlete, holding a Doctor of Public Administration from West Chester University Pennsylvania. His professional advocacy career kicked off at Clean Water for NC, an organization dedicated to enhancing and protecting water quality for communities across the state of North Carolina. His efforts led to essential improvements in policies and practices to promote safe, accessible water for all. Following his successful stint at Clean Water for NC, Xavier transitioned to public education, teaching special education in public schools. His dedication towards societal wellbeing is evident in his commitment to educating children with special needs, supporting their development and growth. His journey also includes several years in the pivotal role as Strategic Partnerships Director at Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC), where he supported the organization’s commitments with more than 100 partners and successfully procured $10 million to repair contaminated water systems in rural areas. Broadening his environmental prowess, Xavier later joined the Sierra Club, a prominent organization aimed at promoting clean energy practices. Currently, he holds the position of Deputy Legislative Director of Clean Energy and Electrification at Sierra Club in Washington DC. In his role, he drives the legislative strategy to hasten the progress of clean energy implementation and electrification. Xavier’s journey has been marked by his relentless passion for public service, sustainability, and education, demonstrating his multifaceted abilities and commitment to bettering society. His work and accomplishments stand testament to his ongoing dedication towards environmental conservation and education. This further underlines his commitment to environmental issues as he continues to champion the cause of sustainable energy solutions. Parallel to his professional life, his passion for sports remains vibrant. A former professional athlete in the National Football League, Xavier volunteers at youth football camps, especially in his home state of South Carolina, offering mentorship to young aspirants. This multifaceted life reflects Xavier Boatright’s ideal of integrating sustainability with a competitive sports mentality, contributing to all-round community development.


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