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Green 2.0 Announces Andrés Jimenez as New Executive Director

June 29, 2020

Green 2.0 Team

For Immediate Release: June 29, 2020
Contact: Daniel Herrera, 213-694-3353,

Green 2.0 Announces Andrés Jimenez as New Executive Director

Washington, D.C — The Board of Directors for Green 2.0, an independent advocacy campaign to increase racial diversity among environmental organizations, announced on Monday that long-time environmental advocate Andrés Jimenez will serve as Green 2.0’s next Executive Director. Andrés will officially assume the role on July 6.

Mark Magaña, Green 2.0 Board Member, stated: “Throughout his career, Andrés has shown a strong commitment to advancing people of color in the environmental movement. He is a strategic thinker, a relationship-builder and carries a deep, empathetic connection to the communities he advocates for. I am proud to have been part of the selection committee that ultimately selected Andrés as Green 2.0’s first full-time Executive Director. I look forward to the future of Green 2.0 with Andrés at the helm.”

Robert Raben, Founder of Green 2.0, stated: “I am pleased the Board has chosen such a passionate and talented public servant to lead the next chapter of Green 2.0’s advocacy for equity, representation and justice within the environmental movement. Given the compounding crises our nation is experiencing, Green 2.0 is fortunate to have a new leader that understands not only the intersections of race, gender, and environmental justice, but also the importance of connecting grassroots activism and philanthropy with local and national policymaking.”

Andrés Jimenez, incoming Green 2.0 Executive Director, stated: “I am excited to begin this new role with Green 2.0 and build on the important groundwork this organization has laid in the fight for an environmental movement that looks like all of us and is responsive to all of our communities. Green 2.0 will continue to highlight the progress of environmental NGOs, foundations and government agencies in our collective quest for greater diversity and inclusion, and call out those whose lack of progress is simply unacceptable. I also intend to drive new conversations among the different sectors of the environmental community, so that we understand that our challenges and our solutions are similarly interconnected.”

Whitney Tome, Principal at The Raben Group and outgoing Green 2.0 Executive Director, stated: “It has been a privilege to serve as the second executive director of Green 2.0. There are tremendous headwinds for my successor to leverage with the new strategic plan, and the increasing acknowledgement of historical and continued oppression of people of color. I am looking forward to continuing to support Green 2.0 and Andrés’ leadership in holding the industry accountable.”

Most recently, Andrés Jimenez served as Senior Director of Government Affairs at Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL), where he worked with both the House and Senate to help expand the voice of CCL and advocate for relevant legislation. Andrés also served as the Associate Director of Government Relations at Ocean Conservancy with a focus on creating bipartisan solutions for critical issues like ocean acidification and sustainable fisheries in the United States.

Andrés has a strong history of public service, having worked for New York City’s mayor’s office, the House Judiciary’s Immigration Subcommittee, Congresswoman Linda Sanchez and Congressman Howard Berman. His work also includes being an active member of the GreenLatinos as well as serving on the board for Ecotropics and being a member of the Green Leadership Trust. Andrés was appointed as Planning Commissioner for Fairfax, Virginia in 2020.