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Green 2.0 Launches New Podcast Series to Diversify the Green Movement

December 21, 2022


For Immediate Release: December 21, 2022
Media Contact: Olivia Tran,

Green 2.0 Launches New Podcast Series to Diversify the Green Movement

Green 2.0’s Movement Podcast aims to raise awareness about the importance of diversity & inclusion in the green movement among environmental NGOs & foundations

Washington, D.C. — Green 2.0 – the independent campaign working to increase racial and ethnic diversity in the green movement – today announced the launch of their podcast “The Green 2.0 Movement,” a new go-to podcast discussing the unique challenges of people of color in the environmental movement. 

Communities of color are the most impacted by climate change, yet are the least represented in positions of power at environmental non-profits and foundations. A winning climate strategy must be more reflective and representative, and this podcast provides the space to amplify voices and perspectives of people of color.

“The Green 2.0 Movement podcast will help continue to move the needle on diversity and inclusion,” said Andres Jimenez, Executive Director of Green 2.0. “By amplifying the voices of those most impacted, we are helping to ensure that we build a more effective movement to solve our shared climate crisis.”

Green 2.0 recently released its annual Transparency Report Card, which found increasing staff of color at environmental NGOs and foundations, but decreased diversity among senior roles. The Green 2.0 Movement podcast provides organizations with information, resources, and tools to improve diversity in leadership positions in environmental organizations.

The inaugural episode features Adriane Alicea, Deputy Director of Green 2.0, and Trishna Gurung, an environmental communications expert with a passion for storytelling and advocacy campaigns that stem from her experiences as a woman of color and immigrant. Both women examine the key findings and takeaways of the Report Card, as well as how workplace cultures can be changed to promote and retain more leaders from diverse backgrounds. 

“For too long, the environmental movement has been shaped by white Western privilege and I’m delighted that the Green 2.0 Movement podcast questions the status quo and offers solutions for people of the global majority,” said Gurung. “The green movement must mirror the diversity, complexity and strength of the planet we seek to protect. One way to do it? Make space for Black, Indigenous, and people of color to fully bring our needs, experiences and knowledge to this space. We have always been right here, and we are ready for real conversations and real change.” 

For organizations and leaders who are concerned about improving diversity in environmental leadership or those interested in advancing a winning climate movement, the Green 2.0 Movement podcast is a must-have resource. Listen to the Green 2.0 Movement podcast here. To learn more about Green 2.0, visit


ABOUT GREEN 2.0: Green 2.0 is a 501(c)3 independent campaign working to increase racial and ethnic diversity among environmental organizations. Green 2.0 believes in a powerful, winning environmental movement grounded in equity and inclusion. To learn more about Green 2.0, please visit: