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Green 2.0 Releases First-of-its-Kind National Poll on Voters of Color & Climate Change

October 19, 2022


For Immediate Release: Thursday, October 20, 2022
Media Contact: Olivia Tran,

Green 2.0 Releases First-of-its-Kind National Poll on Voters of Color & Climate Change

New poll reveals a growing urgency among likely midterm voters to address the climate crisis. 3 out of 4 voters of color are concerned about climate change. 

Washington, D.C. — Green 2.0 – the independent campaign working to increase racial and ethnic diversity in the environmental movement  – today, released a first-of-its-kind national poll that found 62% of voters of color are more likely to support candidates who prioritize climate action, climate change has broken through as a top tier issue on par with abortion/reproductive rights and gun violence, and that a majority of voters believe that organizations working to address climate change should be racially and ethnically diverse.   

“Our first-of-its-kind polling reveals that voters of color are paying close attention to who is advancing and supporting climate solutions,” said Andres Jimenez, executive director of Green 2.0. “Climate change is a top issue that will move voters of color this election cycle — and voters of color hold the power to move the needle to tackle climate change head on.” 

Communities of color are hit first and worst by extreme weather and other negative impacts of climate change. From recent hurricanes to deadly wildfires, it is clear that policymakers must act now to save lives. The new poll aims to inform policymakers on how to engage a multiracial coalition that is necessary for a winning climate movement. 

Voters overwhelmingly support candidates who prioritize climate action. This share is even higher among voters of color, where support for a candidate for Congress that has “addressing climate change” as one of their top 3 priorities increases among Black (71%), Hispanic/Latinx (69%), and Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) (75%) voters.

Additional key findings from the poll: 

  • Concerns about climate change are greater with voters of color, including AAPI voters (82% worried, 42% extremely worried), Black voters (74% worried, 36% extremely worried), and Hispanic/Latinx voters (74% worried, 43% extremely worried).
  • An even larger majority say it is important that the U.S. address climate change (78%), with half of all voters saying it is very important (50%).
  • Among voters of color, the racial and ethnic diversity of environmental groups is even more important, including AAPI voters (73% important), Black voters (86% important), and Hispanic/Latinx voters (70% important). 

“The overwhelming data surrounding climate change should send a strong signal that the voices of people of color must be heard,” said U.S. Congresswoman and Congressional Black Caucus Chair Joyce Beatty. “Local leaders and elected officials at all levels of government need to rise to the moment and work with communities of color to move our democracy towards a more sustainable and equitable future for all.” 

“Advancing climate justice will not happen without the meaningful inclusion of communities of color,” said U.S. Congressman André Carson. “Green 2.0’s polling results demonstrate that every policymaker needs to act on climate in their communities and beyond. It is through real partnership with communities of color that we will create a better future for us all.”

“People of color are disproportionately hurt by climate change,” said U.S. Congresswoman Nikema Williams. “To deliver true environmental justice we must enact policies that center those communities.The recently released polling data reinforces the need to act now to fight climate change with a focus on equity and I’m meeting the moment in Congress. I’m leading efforts to reduce emissions in our neighborhoods, ensure safe drinking water is in every home, create  cleaner skies, and more.”

“It’s clear that addressing climate change is not only a top priority — it’s a winning issue,” said Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., president and CEO of Hip Hop Caucus and Green 2.0 board member. “To advance racial justice and truly reflect the values of our multiracial democracy, we need our policymakers to make climate change front and center.” 

“Communities of color are increasingly hungry for climate action. Green 2.0’s latest polling shows that black and brown voters are acutely aware of how climate change has been detrimental to their communities,” said Nathaniel Smith, founder and chief equity officer of The Partnership for Southern Equity. “Arming the people who are closest to problems with data is key to solving these problems. Our organization will continue to mobilize around climate equity issues and push policymakers to prioritize the well being of our environment and those who enjoy its blessings.” 

“Our future requires all of us to take action now,” said Jasmine Davenport, executive director of Our Climate. “Voters of color, especially young voters, are some of the most vocal individuals and the strongest supporters. We need policymakers to take note of these poll results calling for climate action to avoid catastrophic disaster before it’s too late.” 

Green 2.0 commissioned the Global Strategy Group to conduct the national survey. The  nationwide online survey tested 1,000 likely general election voters with oversamples of 100 Black, 100 Hispanic/Latinx, and 100 Asian American and Pacific Islander voters. The margin of error at the +/-3.1% confidence level is 95%. The margin of error on sub-samples is greater.

For more on Green 2.0’s national polling results, click here


ABOUT GREEN 2.0: Green 2.0 is a 501(c)3 independent campaign working to increase racial and ethnic diversity among environmental organizations. Green 2.0 believes in a powerful, winning environmental movement grounded in equity and inclusion. To learn more about Green 2.0, please visit: