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In Response to Surge of Interest, Green 2.0 Commits to Updating “Transparency Report Card” Process for Greater Engagement

January 24, 2019

Green 2.0 Team

Green 2.0 is heartened by the incredible response we have received from organizations, foundations and allies after our second annual Transparency Report Card was unveiled earlier this month. As in the previous year, we made every effort to contact each of the organizations and foundations months in advance to ensure their diversity data was reported to our partner Guidestar USA.

Since publishing of the Report Card, several entities have come forward to guarantee their participation going forward, and others reached out to request corrections and/or updates to their 2017 and/or 2018 data as represented in the Report Card. Green 2.0 is updating the current Transparency Report Card to ensure it is an accurate reflection of progress across the sectors. While some of the requested adjustments resulted in slightly different percentages for some organizations, the overall picture of the environmental movement remains the same. The racial and ethnic makeup of staff, leadership, and boards of these organizations is still overwhelmingly white.

We are also taking time now to set forth the following guidelines for future Report Cards:

  1. We will provide each organization with the data reported via GuideStar in April 2017 and April 2018 including any corrections that they have made since;
  2. We will provide each organization with their 2019 data from GuideStar at least 2 weeks before the publishing of the next Report Card;
  3. Data collected will continue to compare staff, leadership and board diversity on April of each year, including 2017, 2018, and soon for 2019;
  4. The deadline for the next round of data is April 1, 2019.

We thank all the organizations who have worked with Green 2.0 to promote greater transparency in the environmental movement on the issues of diversity and inclusion, including those who have committed to reporting their data as a result of our most recent Report Card. We also deeply appreciate the advice and insight that organizations have made to their own data collection and reporting system, including providing several recommendations that help us to determine these revised guidelines and will continue to affect how Green 2.0 proceeds. We look forward to forging new relationships and collaborations as we engage in a multi-pronged strategy to hold environmental organizations and leaders accountable for fair, equitable hiring and promotion of people of color.


Green 2.0 is a 21st century effort to increase racial and ethnic diversity in order to strengthen the mainstream environmental movement. Its working group pushes for data transparency and accountability to ensure environmental organizations, foundations and federal government agencies are diverse at the highest levels. Follow Green 2.0. on Twitter and Facebook.