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Press Release: Environmental Leader and Oscar-Nominated Actor, Mark Ruffalo, Endorses Green 2.0’s Call for A Diverse Mainstream Environmental Movement

December 2, 2015

Green 2.0 Team

For Immediate Release: December 2, 2015
Contact: Erika West, 930-6808


Environmental Leader and Oscar-Nominated Actor, Mark Ruffalo, Endorses Green 2.0’s Call for A Diverse Mainstream Environmental Movement


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Green 2.0 announced today that leading environmental advocate and Oscar-nominated actor, Mark Ruffalo has endorsed the initiative to increase diversity across the mainstream environmental movement. Mark Ruffalo is the founder of Water Defense and co-founder of The Solutions Project.


“To fight for a clean energy future, we need a stronger environmental movement,” said Ruffalo. “The most affected communities have to be engaged to not just participate, but lead. As we call on our elected and business leaders to be responsible about our planet, we also have to be responsible in ensuring our organizations are welcoming to all. I applaud Green 2.0’s efforts to ensure that the leadership of the mainstream environmental movement reflects the diversity of our nation.”


“We are thrilled to have Mark Ruffalo amplify the call for a diverse environmental movement, and this week, a time of critical climate talks during COP21 in Paris, is a particularly important moment to engage on the need for inclusivity,” said Robert Raben, Founder and President of Green 2.0. “Many know of Mark’s immense talent and on-screen presence, but he is also a force in advocating for clean water and energy. This work has informed his perspective that environmental obstacles must be tackled by diverse leadership. Green 2.0 is proud to have such an engaged leader among our supporters.”


Green 2.0 advocates for data transparency, accountability and resources to ensure diversity and inclusion in the mainstream environmental movement. Green 2.0 recently released an interactive infographic highlighting which major funders of the movement shared or declined to release their diversity data after a year long effort to collect this information. Also noted is whether organizations have diversity committees, managers, and/or plans in place. This data is the first time in the history of the movement that organizational level data is being made available in real time on a national scale.
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Green 2.0 is a 21st century effort to increase racial and ethnic diversity in order to strengthen the mainstream environmental movement. Its working group pushes for data transparency, accountability, and increased resources to ensure environmental organizations and foundations are diverse at the highest levels. Green 2.0 works to stimulate the demand for, and demonstrate the supply of, talented leaders of all backgrounds. Follow Green 2.0. on Twitter and Facebook.