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ClimateWorks Foundation

September 22, 2023

Green 2.0 Team

ClimateWorks Foundation is a global platform for philanthropy to innovate and scale high-impact climate solutions that benefit people and the planet. We deliver global programs and services that equip philanthropy with the knowledge, networks, and solutions to drive climate progress for a more sustainable and equitable future. Since 2008, ClimateWorks has granted over $1.7 billion to more than 750 grantees in over 50 countries. 

Our commitment to supporting climate solutions that are equitable, inclusive, and just.

At ClimateWorks Foundation, we are driven by our vision of creating a thriving planet for all living beings for generations to come. We aim to foster an inclusive workplace that values diverse lived experiences and emphasizes the voices of people — especially Black, Indigenous, and all People of Color — who are most vulnerable to climate impacts, and whose voices, ideas, and leadership are crucial to winning the climate fight.

Implementing Partner Spotlight: Bali Women Climate Entrepreneur Project

In 2018, Indonesian women made up only 12% of all STEM graduates. In the global energy industry, only 11% of energy startup founders are women – these statistics need to change.

Through the startup acceleration and incubation program, the Bali Women Climate Entrepreneur Project provides tailored support for women climate entrepreneurs in Bali to accelerate the development and scale their solutions. With this program, New Energy Nexus Indonesia aims to close the gender gap and increase women’s participation in clean energy and climate solutions sectors, helping to improve women’s response and adaptation to climate change.

“Our journey to cultural change has taught us that the process is as important as the outcomes. Being transparent and identifying where our work requires greater inclusion and focus on systemic change has been a humbling, but necessary, experience to achieving critical progress in our everyday work and overall mission.”

Makeeba Browne
Chief of Equity, Justice and Culture, ClimateWorks Foundation

“At ClimateWorks, our guiding star is to strongly emphasize people-centered approaches in all that we do. Progress in tackling the climate crisis simply will not happen at the scale and speed we need unless we focus on climate solutions that directly benefit people and their communities, and the communities most affected are engaged in the solutions. Climate policies that invest in a livable future while creating a wide range of benefits for people in their everyday lives – from breathing cleaner air to job opportunities to expanding their pocketbooks – are the type of people-centric strategies we’re committed to amplifying.”

Helen Mountford
President and CEO, ClimateWorks Foundation

To ensure that we are making meaningful progress, we have made a set of diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments across all dimensions of our work to further our mission and realize our vision.

“During this period of multiple global crises and its impacts on the most vulnerable and marginalized across the world, it has been inspiring to experience ClimateWorks Foundation’s leadership in addressing the issues of climate justice and equity head-on, both for its internal transformation as well as its programmatic impacts. It has been a real honor to support ClimateWorks in this courageous effort.”

Tasneem Essop
Advisor of Justice and Equity, ClimateWorks Foundation

Our JEDI Journey

Our experience to holistically embed justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging (JEDI) into ClimateWorks is as ever evolving as people are. While there’s substantial growth to be fostered, our learning has taught us that it is also essential to embrace and appreciate where we are at each step in our journey.

“Being as global and inclusive as the challenges that we seek to address is critically important. At this moment in history, Climateworks Foundation has made an important commitment to embracing in the fullest sense, justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, both in terms of the internal functioning as well as in terms of the global role. This journey is far from complete and is still in its early stages, but it’s a journey that is being taken seriously and one that I’ve been pleased to actively support.”

Dr. Kumi Naidoo
Advisor of Justice and Equity, ClimateWorks Foundation

Dr. Kumi Naidoo is a life-long human rights and environmental activist who has led a range of education, development, and social justice initiatives. He is the founding chair of Africans Rising, a Pan-African movement of people and organizations working for peace, justice, and dignity.

Our Justice & Equity Values, Principles, and Definitions

To guide ClimateWorks’ growth as an organization, we developed new justice and equity values, principles, and definitions. Our JEDI values represent our core beliefs and set the foundation for our operations, grantmaking, convening and resource development. The principles reflect our values and provide tangible guidance and direction for our work. The definitions provide a shared understanding and clarity for keywords relating to our JEDI values and principles.

“I respect how the staff, the leadership and the Board are committing authentically to the equity journey. This is hard work individually, culturally and systemically but it is worth the struggle to advance fair and just climate solutions for all communities. It’s those communities that have it harder still which is why the equity work matters.”

Richard Woo
Advisor of Justice and Equity, ClimateWorks Foundation

Richard Woo has 30 years of experience in philanthropy, impact investing, and social equity. He continues to apply that knowledge as a volunteer on the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation Board, the Advisory Board of Ethical Apparel Africa, and the Advisory Council of Front & Centered, a statewide climate justice coalition in Washington. 

Learn more about ClimateWorks Foundation and our journey to embed justice, equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging at