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July 8, 2021

Green 2.0 Team

Earthjustice believes the most powerful tool for change is the law. As a nonprofit public interest environmental law organization, their work, whether through advocacy, litigation, partnership, awareness, or other mission-critical functions, consistently centers on the people they serve and the communities they protect. Learn how diversity, equity, and inclusion is inextricably linked to Earthjustice’s mission to protect the planet and defend the rights of all people for a healthy environment.

Creating a Community of Accountability, Respect, and Empathy

As Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, I wonder, “How do we engage with the world around us, informed by current events and the lived experiences of who we are and those we serve, while also carrying forward our mission?” At Earthjustice, we are all continuing to expand our awareness and our voices. We are grappling with the complexities of our work, our homes, and the world –all at once.

– Philip McAdoo, Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Earthjustice

Earthjustice. Gio Cerise, a member of the White Earth Nation, plays a drum and prays in front of Line 3 pipeline construction on Highway 169 south of Hill City, Minn.
Gio Cerise, a member of the White Earth Nation, plays a drum and prays in front of Line 3 pipeline construction on Highway 169 south of Hill City, Minn. Image courtesy of Earthjustice.

Vision, Mission, and Goals

Earthjustice’s vision is to be a fully equitable organization, in which all Earthjustice staff can bring the wisdom of their diverse lived experiences and talent to their work. Their mission is to embed equity and anti-racism at every level of the organization, so that all Earthjustice staff are respected, valued, and feel a sense of belonging.

Earthjustice’s goals include:

  • Create a community committed to accountability, respect and empathy.
  • Enable staff to work and manage across difference.
  • Foster an organizational culture of appreciation and lifelong learning.
  • Confront discrimination and oppression wherever it manifests within ourselves and our organization.
  • Embody the core values of justice, equity, partnership, and inclusion in all that we do.

Embodying the very best

“Our diverse, talented staff embody the very best of Earthjustice, and we are able to do our finest work when our staff live by our values in their everyday work.” (Earthjustice)

Earthjustice is committed to increasing the number of people of color at all levels of the organization while ensuring that their voices are heard and respected.

Demographic Data

  • 53% of Senior Leadership Team identify as people of color
  • 67% of workplace identify as women
  • 44% of workplace identify as people of color

Data courtesy of Earthjustice. Data represents the demographics of Earthjustice as of 1/1/2021.

Delivering on Commitments

In June 2020, the Earthjustice Board passed a resolution that sets forth their commitments to:

  • Continue to grow community-centered work
  • Provide funds and fundraising support, as well as free legal, policy, and communications support
  • Partner with civil rights leaders and other experts to add Earthjustice’s voice to demands for changes in law, policy, and practice
  • Hold themselves accountable

Clients, partners, and staff

Sharon Lavigne, foreground, founded RISE St. James, a local community organization, to stop the Formosa Petrochemical Corporation out of her Louisiana community. Image courtesy of Earthjustice.
Earthjustice attorney Adrienne Bloch is representing RISE St. James and Louisiana Bucket Brigade in their continued fight to keep the petrochemical plant out of the community. Image courtesy of Earthjustice.

“Antiracism is our responsibility. We must challenge, check, and change our equity systems and structures for equity every day, and this requires a life-long commitment. It is the work to actively engage in dismantling systems of racism and white supremacy.” (Earthjustice)

To learn more about Earthjustice and their mission, visit and follow @Earthjustice on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.