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Justice Outside

March 31, 2023

Green 2.0 Team

Justice Outside advances racial justice and equity in the outdoor and environmental movement. We shift resources to, build power with, and center the voices and leadership of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color because the health of current and future generations demands it.

We envision a just world where Black, Indigenous, and Communities of Color experience safety, health, and abundant joy through meaningful relationships with one another and the outdoors.

Our programs are focused at the intersection of racial justice and the outdoors to provide individuals, institutions, and communities with resources, training, and support to build a stronger movement that allows more people to thrive. Radical change must happen at all levels: individuals address implicit bias, public entities prioritize policies that provide greater access and recognition to Communities of Color, institutions abolish organizational practices that marginalize People of Color, and the philanthropic sector adopts and prioritizes equitable practices. Justice Outside tackles inequity at each of these levels.

The OEI Program

The Outdoor Educators Institute develops the next generation of culturally relevant outdoor leaders by building competencies and leadership skills in young adults who have encountered hurdles or lacked the resources to work in the outdoors. The Outdoor Educators Institute is, at its core, advocacy for the inclusion and centering of underrepresented populations, especially those that have had historic and systemic barriers to accessing the outdoors.

For participants, it provides a clear path to a profession through representation and culturally relevant trainings. Through training passionate young adults, we begin shifting the narrative of the outdoors from one traditionally held solely by people with power and privilege to that of one that includes and embraces people from all walks of life, and reflects the realities of the youth that will become future champions of the earth.

For the field, OEI establishes the method by which the next generation of racially and socioeconomically diverse outdoor educators are prepared for service, creating the opportunity for underrepresented youth to see and identify with people in outdoor education programs who look like them and come from similar backgrounds.

From training young adults and professionals in the outdoors and environmental sectors to restorative, trust based grantmaking to community organizations, racial justice is at the heart of everything we do at Justice Outside.

Our programs are focused at the intersection of racial justice and the outdoors to provide individuals, institutions, and communities with resources, training, and support to build a stronger movement that allows more people to thrive.


Our training and support services help outdoor and environmental organizations advance anti-racism within their own ranks. Participants work to end white-centric organizational norms and practices that erase and de-prioritize the contributions of People of Color, and to develop the skills necessary to dismantle the influences of systemic racism within their organizations.

What we offer

Trainings: Our trainings prepare individuals and institutions to become agents of change for increased racial justice in their work. Whether online or in person, our facilitators support organizations on a variety of topics and offer concrete tools to strengthen commitments to anti-racism. Our training topics include fundamentals of equity and inclusion, equity in recruitment and hiring, curriculum development and program delivery with an equity lens, and community outreach and communications.

Organizational Assessments: Organizational assessments are designed to identify organizational perceptions, engagement, strengths, challenges, and opportunities with respect to anti-racism. We develop our findings through surveys, focus groups, individual interviews, and archival research and present clients with a summary report and recommendations for next steps.

Technical Assistance: Our technical assistance offerings provide targeted support to build capacity and institutionalize change at an organization. We offer a variety of services in this category and remain flexible in order to best meet your needs around anti-racist work.

Please contact us at to learn more about our offerings and how we might support your organization in this work.

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