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Statement from Executive Director Andres Jimenez on White House Discretionary Request

April 13, 2021


Statement from Executive Director Andres Jimenez on White House Discretionary Request.

In response to the White House’s discretionary request to Congress Green 2.0 Executive Director Andres Jimenez said:

“The FY22 White House discretionary request includes critical provisions to addressing racial inequity and environmental justice including a framework to ensure that 40% of all climate benefits reach disadvantaged communities. With this plan measuring benefits over funding, it requires the Biden Administration to work directly with environmental organizations and their staff, who must represent the diversity of our country. For too long communities of color have suffered the worst effects of climate change, extreme weather, pollution, and so many other environmental issues without having the resources or ability to lead decision-making in response to these malpractices. Green 2.0 and our partners know that when investments in environmental justice are coupled with the leadership of communities of color, we get one step closer to equitably combating our nation’s most pressing environmental problems.”