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2021 NGO & Foundation Transparency Report Card Social Media Toolkit for Members of Congress

The Green 2.0 2021 NGO & Foundation Transparency Report Card reflects demographic data collected from 67 NGOs and a cadre of foundations in the environmental sector. This is the fifth year in a row this data has been collected by Green 2.0, a watchdog organization pushing for racial and ethnic diversity in the environmental movement.

Green 2. Congressional Relations Contact

Adriane Alicea, Deputy Director

Link and Social Media Handles

Green 2.0 2021 NGO & Foundation Transparency Report Card:

Twitter: @DiverseGreen
LinkedIn: @Green 2.0
Facebook: @DiverseGreen




Social Media Language

For Twitter:

  • It’s critical that environmental organizations represent all communities. Here are the findings from the @DiverseGreen 2021 Transparency Report Card on how diverse environmental NGOs are: #DiversifyGreen
  • Are environmental NGOs actually making progress on diversity, equity, inclusion and justice initiatives? Review the data in the new @DiverseGreen 2021 Transparency Report Card: #DiversifyGreen #Accountability
  • Are environmental NGOs actually creating cultures that support staff of color with their salary and promotion policies? Check out the new @DiverseGreen 2021 Transparency Report Card to learn more #DiversifyGreen
  • The 2021 Transparency Report Card by @DiverseGreen looks at whether green foundations making progress on supporting communities of color #DiversifyGreen

Facebook Posts:

  • Findings from @diversegreen 2021 Transparency Report Card reveal where foundations are spending their money. Is funding reaching marginalized and historically excluded communities, or is it business as usual? #DiversifyGreen

LinkedIn Posts:

  • @Green 2.0 new 2021 Transparency Report Card contains data from a larger selection of NGOs and is a deeper dive into questions around diversity, equity and inclusion and for the first time reveals how diverse EDs and CEOs of some top environmental NGOs are #Accountability
  • @Green 2.0 made several changes to the 2021 Transparency Report Card, making it the most comprehensive report released since its inception. This includes answers to questions around diversity and inclusion practices, salaries, and discrimination and promotion policies. #DiversifyGreen #Accountability