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Rozina Kanchwala

AFFILIATION: Eco.Logic; Clean Energy Leadership Institute

TITLE: Founder and Executive Director; Director of EDICT Partnership

LOCATION: Illinois


EXPERTISE AREA: Climate Change, Conservation, DEIJ, Environmental Education, Environmental Justice, Food Justice, Green Jobs/Economy, Sustainability


Rozina Kanchwala is a dedicated energy and environmental professional with a wealth of global academic and professional experience. As a Fulbright scholar, Rozina spent a year in India researching agrarian distress, and then completed her Masters in Environment and Sustainable Development at University College London, where she conducted field work in Accra, Ghana to better understand the challenges faced by urban farmers. Currently serving as the Director of the EDICT Partnership at the Clean Energy Leadership Institute (CELI), Rozina helps runs an internship program to increase diversity in the green sector and promote inclusivity in the industry. She is also the Founding Executive Director of Eco.Logic, an organization that uses arts, community-building, and education to inspire environmental action. In addition, Rozina is currently spearheading a land restoration project to transform an ecologically problematic corn farm into a climate solution. Rozina’s work is characterized by a creative approach that recognizes the importance of artistic and imaginative expressions in the environmental movement. In this vein, she recently wrote and produced “Love in the Time of Climate Change,” a climate comedy play that explores environmental issues through humor and creativity. Throughout her career, Rozina has remained committed to promoting inclusivity in the environmental movement. She recognizes that the scale of the environmental crisis requires a collaborative effort that leverages the diverse perspectives and talents of individuals from all walks of life. Her environmentalism is rooted in justice, as she understands that the climate crisis is linked to other systemic injustices and one cannot be solved without the other.


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