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National Parks Conservation Association

June 1, 2023

Green 2.0 Team

National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) is a powerful, nonpartisan voice for our national parks. From empowering communities to influencing Congress, we work every day with our more than 1.6 members and supporters to strengthen, protect and defend these incredible places. Our parks exist today because people had the foresight to protect and preserve them, recognizing that America’s iconic landscapes and defining history would be lost forever without a group dedicated to their preservation.

For more than 100 years, NPCA has been honored to carry on this responsibility. Together with our community partners, we protect and defend America’s national parks — and are inspiring the next generation of advocates to speak out and care for them, too.


Protecting and enhancing America’s National Park System for present and future generations.

Elwha River in Olympic National Park, Washington 
Arches National Park, Utah

Vision and Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Mission

NPCA recognizes that the modern environmental movement and public lands system were built on a foundation of institutional racism and made possible by the violent displacement of Indigenous people. We strive to acknowledge past injustices, listen to underrepresented and marginalized voices, and work toward reconciliation. We seek to model a practice of trust, open communication and collaboration that welcomes diverse ideas and challenges the dominant power dynamics that have contributed to generations of injustice. We foster a welcoming workplace that strives to reflect the diversity of our country, maintain equitable and compassionate practices, and meaningfully include different perspectives at every level of our staff and executive leadership, board and advisory councils, and members and volunteers.

Core Values

The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) is committed to fostering a workplace of excellence to achieve our mission to protect and enhance national parks. Our Core Values of Commitment, Inclusion, Integrity and Respect promote a diverse, ethical and innovative culture and make NPCA an effective organization and a great place to work.


We are passionate about NPCA and dedicated to our work and mission. We seek to do our jobs effectively by taking opportunities for professional and personal development and encouraging reasonable risk-taking and innovation.


We value diversity of thought, background, experience and opinion. We create a culture of empowerment by welcoming and encouraging meaningful participation from all people and by promoting an environment that embraces different perspectives.


We hold ourselves accountable to each other, our members and partners, and our mission. We evaluate the impact of our work and strive for honesty and transparency across the organization. We operate ethically in the organization’s best interests.


We collaborate in results-oriented teams based on trust and consideration for each other. We promote harmony between our work and our personal lives. We foster a healthy and positive workplace culture and work collaboratively with external partners.

Employee Comments

“Dedication to JEDI is really impressive – support for other partners and orgs, etc.”

“High-integrity coalition building. Meaningful core values initiatives. Strong emphasis on incorporating DEI principles in all aspects of our work.”

“Our new 32-hour work week is a great example of the values our E-Team place on our people having a healthy, balanced life.”

To learn more about National Parks Conservation Association, visit and follow NPCA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.