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Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation

January 31, 2022

Green 2.0 Team

Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation (PCDC) is a grassroots, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Established in 1966, PCDC advocates for the growing population of Chinese Americans in Philadelphia, specifically in the Chinatown neighborhood.

Like many Chinatown neighborhoods, threats such as gentrification, climate change, lack of public green space, and cultural preservation are challenges PCDC aims to address in its programs and services.

Public Spaces and Equitable Development

Parks and other public spaces are critical elements of a thriving neighborhood. As an advocate for the Philadelphia Chinatown neighborhood, PCDC has led the led initiatives in equitable development regarding public space. PCDC has worked with city agencies and community members to ensure that Chinatown has a voice in land use and development matters. All residents should have reasonably equal access to quality public space. These spaces aim to provide all residents with a place to learn, play, and develop shared understanding.

10th Street Plaza
Chinatown Parklet

Two of the organization’s equitable public space development include the 10th Street Plaza and the Chinatown Parklet project. As part of its Neighborhood Reconnecting Project, the 10th Street Plaza’s open space and location atop of a bridge sitting over Philadelphia’s Vine Street Expressway, revitalize the once underused space and make it more family-friendly public space for the Chinatown neighborhood. A new pergola awning was constructed in the center of the plaza creating a shady retreat over benches and tables as an amenity for residents. Two enormous Chinese guardian lions (Foo dogs) are placed at both sides of the plaza symbolizing the protective power of the gateway. The Chinatown Parklet project is a public space located at the core of Chinatown. It’s goal is to provide residents the space to sit, eat lunch, drink tea, or simply relax in the midst of the bustling commercial corridor of the neighborhood.

Advocating for the needs of the community

Championing for equitable development of public space is just one of the many goals for the organization. PCDC is committed in preserving the cultural identity of the neighborhood and assisting residents in Chinatown and beyond with its comprehensive array of programs and projects. These services, include Housing Counseling, Youth Services, Affordable Housing & Development, Family Support Services, Neighborhood Planning & Advocacy, and Small Business Assistance.

Cultural Preservation

PCDC’s commitment to preserving the cultural identity of the Chinatown neighborhood has always been a part of its mission since the beginning. One of the ways the organization has done this is with their 10th Street Restore Commercial Corridor project by transforming the pedestrian environment of the neighborhood and beautifying the main street of Chinatown. New sidewalks and pedestrian lights, in addition to other improvements, were installed throughout the neighborhood. The project design incorporated Asian elements such as bronze medallions with Chinese zodiac animals inlaid into the sidewalks and Asian-style luminaire lighting was installed as pedestrian lighting.

To learn more about Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation (PCDC), visit and follow PCDC on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.