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Drawing Strength from Community with Eddie Love

Eddie Love, The Ocean Foundation

Green 2.0 Deputy Director Adriane Alicea talked with Eddie Love, Program Manager at The Ocean Foundation about drawing strength from community, how to use organizational resources to promote equity and not worrying about having uncomfortable conversations.

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Even With All Eyes on Racial Justice, Few Green Funders Are Sharing Their Data

Over the past eight months, Ashindi Maxton and Danielle Deane-Ryan have spoken to 36 of the nation’s 40 largest climate funders. The pair, who are executive director and senior advisor of the Donors of Color Network, respectively, asked them all the same question: What percentage of the institution’s funding goes to Black, Indigenous and people of color-led organizations?

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National Wildlife Federation

Green 2.0 NWF Spotlight

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) believes America’s experience with cherished landscapes and wildlife has helped define and shape the nation’s character and identity for generations. In order to save wildlife and people, NWF understands it is critical to operationalize and embed equity and justice into their organizational policies, practices, and programs. Hear how NWF strives to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in all elements of their work and also the work with their partners.

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The Lack of Diversity in Environmental Philanthropy

Brown Girl Green

The United States experienced 22 disasters that exceeded $1 billion each in damages last year. As a response, U.S. President Biden just signed an executive order which directs various federal agencies and departments to analyze the risks of the climate crisis on the national economy and security.

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Go read this story about why it’s time to scrap racist bird names

Some 150 birds named for people tied to slavery and white supremacy could eventuallyget new monikers as part of an ongoing reckoning with racism within the world of birding. That includes Jameson’s firefinch, named for a British naturalist who bought a young girl while in Africa “as a joke” and then drew pictures of her being brutally killed. In a new story this week, Washington Post reporter Darryl Fears breaks down the horrific history of ornithology that has managed to be scrubbed clean in many history books.

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Greenhouse Pioneer: Andres Jimenez, Green 2.0

Greehouse PR, Greenhouse Pioneer Andres Jimenez, Green 2.0

People of colour are disproportionately affected by climate change and pollution, yet are severely under-represented in the organization and foundations working to tackle these issues. Green 2.0 is working to change that.

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Big Green Once Again Facing Allegations

“Environmental organizations cannot continue to allow fear to define workplaces for staff of color,” Jimenez said. “Unfortunately, in the case of Defenders of Wildlife, as with many other environmental organizations, the intimidation and culture of fear came directly from the top. Leadership of environmental organizations cannot on one hand say they want to diversify and on the other suppress the voices of their staff of color and prevent real action on diversity, inclusion, and racial equity.”

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Commonwealth Climate Talks with LCV

Green 2.0’s Executive Director Andres Jimenez is a guest on League of Conservation Voters’s (LCV) Commonwealth Climate Talks podcast. Hosted by the Virginia League of Conservation Voters and LCV’s Hampton Roads Climate Team and interviewed by Colin Arnold, Andres speaks about diversity in the environmental movement and the very real and urgent work foundations and non-government organizations need to do to better reflect the communities we fight for.

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